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Remember heat stroke occurs easily in animals. Recently we have treated two dogs for heat stroke successfully , however sadly at our partner clinic there has just been our first fatality from heat stroke. The most likely and common cause is a dog or cat left in a car. Sounds obvious but it still happens. Other causes could be excessive exercise on a very hot day or confinement somewhere without relief from the heat generated by a hot day.

Emergency measures include removal of the animal from the offending area, spraying the animal under a cold hose on the back lawn in the shade or place the animal under a cold shower until it feels cooler or starts to pant less. Seeking advice from your local veterinary clinic is then the next step. Rushing the pet there before attempting to cool it down first may not be the best thing, especially if there is a fair distance to drive. Ringing for advice first may be safer.

Remember, the best treatment is avoidance! DONT LET IT HAPPEN!