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Palliative Care

If your pet’s condition has progressed to the point where curative treatment is no longer your first choice, you can talk to the vets at East Malvern Veterinary Clinic about palliative care. They can discuss the symptoms your pet has, what you can expect for your pet’s health as time goes on, and options for care. It is best to bring everyone in your household who will be involved in caring for your pet to this discussion.

At this consult, we may ask you what your goals are, what you want your pet’s end of life to look like, and what your thoughts are about euthanasia. Consider your ability to give regular medications, modify your home, or spend more time with your pet during palliative care.

We will discuss pain management, cognitive function, mobility, diet and nutrition, managing conditions such as diarrhoea and incontinence, and environmental enrichment.

Palliative care is about finding what you feel is the most comfortable end of life you can offer your pet.