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Rabbit Care

Rabbits can make ideal loving pets. They have special needs that must be met to enable them to live a happy and healthy life.
There is a wide variety of rabbit breeds. It is important to familiarise yourself with what a rabbit needs & what you are able to
provide. There are many aspects to housing, feeding, handling, health & veterinary care to consider.

Vital Statistics
• Life expectancy 6 – 14years Adult body weight 2- 6kg
• Breeding 4 – 10months Pregnancy 31 days
• Litter Size 1 -12 Weaning 4 – 6weeks


Feeding is very important to pet rabbit health, please refer to ‘Feeding recommendations for pet rabbits’ notes ( available later )


Health & Veterinary Care

Information resources.
For books ‘Rabbits for Dummies’. Internet; American house rabbit society www.Rabbit.org