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Puppy School

The first few months after taking your new puppy home are the most important in terms of their development and socialisation. Puppies need to be exposed to a wide range of different experiences that they will have to face in day to day life in a way that makes sure that they feel, safe and secure.

Puppy Pre-School allows young puppies to socialise in a safe environment with other vaccinated puppies. We accept puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age with at least their first vaccination. Here at the East Malvern Vet Clinic we believe in using positive (reward) based training when teaching your puppy. This gentle method of training is effective with all breeds of dogs and species of animals.

Puppy Pre-School is taught by one of our experienced senior nurses at the East Malvern Veterinary Clinic, which helps to form a positive association with visiting the vet. The four-week course covers a range of topics including, toilet training, mouthing/biting, backyard boredom, general puppy healthcare and basic obedience. But of course, the main aim is to socialise and have fun! The course includes a comprehensive set of notes for you to take home, treats to use throughout the classes and a graduation showbag and certificate.

We love meeting new puppies and watching them grow – Enrol in Puppy Pre-School today!