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Wildlife Care

Here at the East Malvern Veterinary Clinic we care for countless injured, displaced and orphaned native wildlife every year. We provide essential treatment for wildlife at no charge.

We work closely with Wildlife Victoria to ensure wildlife are able to be treated, rehabilitated and released back to their homes.

If you find sick or injured wildlife, take the animal to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible for medical treatment and first aid. One of our vets will assess the animal and once treated, will be transferred to a licensed Wildlife Victoria carer.

Wildlife may only be cared for legally by veterinarians and DELWP authorised Wildlife Shelters and Foster Carers.

It is illegal in Victoria to keep sick, injured or orphaned wildlife as a pet.

What to do if you find sick, injured or orphaned wildlife

  • Keep the animal in a safe, dark place (something as simple as a shoebox, don’t forget to provide airholes)
  • Keep the animal warm with blankets
  • Keep them in a quiet area and reduce handling as much as possible (native animals are easily stressed and can die from shock)
  • Do not transport the animal in the boot of your car or attempt to give any food/water
  • Keep any domestic pets including cats and dogs away
  • Take directly to your nearest vet clinic. If you find sick, injured or orphaned wildlife outside of clinic hours, please call Wildlife Victoria on 03 8400 7300.

You can also report a wildlife emergency through their website at https://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/wildlife-information/report-a-wildlife-emergency